Cotton Kantha Shawl

Winter wrap with Kantha embroidered woollen shawl

Winter is here! Time to welcome the chilly mornings and breezy evenings with a hot cup of your favorite drink. Look forward to evenings around a bonfire with your loved ones, and shopping for the end of year holiday season. As the air becomes colder, and the days become shorter, while complacency hits us, we can't ignore to take care of ourselves.

As we welcome winter, it is also time to protect ourselves from the cold and dry weather.  Some of us are blessed with being in the tropical regions, giving us moderate temperatures. While some of us will need to bury ourselves in heavy coats, a few of us can just make do with a light jacket. The most important thing about dealing with weather changes and shuttling between different temperatures in dressing wisely. Protective gear like gloves and scarves and hats can be the perfect accessory to make your outfit turnaround while helping you deal with the cold. Our advice is to always dress up in layers, Layering your outfit can help you make quick changes to well-adjust to the environment you’re in. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with your winter warmers, throw in some bright colours to make up for the lack of sunshine, and try a few new ways to style the same boring wraps.  A shawl could be one such accessory or layer, and can be much more than just a plain piece of woollen fabric.  Whether a pashmina shawl or woollen shawl, apart from keeping you warm, they are bound to add all the charm to your appearance with charming designs, colours and even some bling.

A Shawl is such a versatile winter accessory, that it can be wrapped and draped in numerous ways, each time giving you a unique look.,  

To take your winter fashion a level up, we present Kantha Embroidered Woollen Shawl, a perfect blend of intricate nature inspired designs, and vibrant colours on soft woollen fabric.These shawls from Phulari have been hand-embroidered by skilled artisans from Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Each one has a unique design, with an exquisite combination and are exclusively available only on our website. Just add them to  any attire and see the magic it evokes.

Recently, we collaborated with a Marathi actress, doctor and anchor Dr. Bhagyashri Shinde. We gave her a challenge to style a Kantha embroidered shawl in different innovative ways. Bhagyashri was given 5 different Kantha embroidered shawls and chose the forest green shawl.

The green colour brings in liveliness, and is a great choice for a gloomy winter day. The entire shawl has peculiar kantha flower motifs, a traditional pattern often used on sarees. The best part of kantha embroidery is that it is super fine, and there’s not a chance of it looking shabby or getting spoiled easily, so you can wear it on a regular basis. It’s exciting to see how a single piece of fabric can look strikingly different when draped differently. What’s more, grab your favorite colour and get your hands on one of our shawls, to add some culture, style and lots of warmth to your outfit.

Here are exciting, fresh, and interesting ways by Dr. Bhagyashri Shinde on how to wear a Kantha embroidered shawl with three different outfits.
Kantha embroidered shawl

Outfit 1 - Dark green saree

 Add extra elegance to your saree by donning our Kantha embroidered shawl. Just carry it around your arms, adding that extra beauty to your overall look. It is apt for all types of celebrations, events, and even work.

We have styled this shawl with a dark green saree and a pair of long green earrings.

Outfit 2 - Black jeans and a long-sleeved top

Are you wondering how to upscale your pair of jeans and self-colored top? We have just the solution for you. Try wrapping a shawl. 

This green Kantha embroidered shawl has been wrapped in two different ways. Each of them is enchanting and sure to grab attention wherever you pass. 

  • In this image, the shawl is worn as a jacket with a black belt on the waist. This look is ideal for a casual meetup with friends or work.

    • Over here, we have the shawl playing the role of a dupatta. It is carried on one side of the shoulder and has been paired with heels. This fusion avatar is ideal for small gatherings, celebrations, and events. It is fresh and alluring.


    Outfit 3- White short day dress

     A plain white dress can look boring at times. Wouldn't you agree? Pairing it with a jacket would be the most common choice for many of us. But experimenting can be fun if you up for it.

    Here, we have our Kantha embroidered shawl styled with this white dress along with a silver belt and a pair of white sneakers. It is ideal for casual gatherings and parties with friends.


    • In this picture, the Kantha shawl is carried on one side of the shoulder. A silver belt is donned around the waist. Be it a formal event or family function, this appearance will make people go wow.


     Let us rearrange our wardrobes to make space for some smart and trendy outfits for the winter, and a kantha shawl should be on top of our list. Fashionable winter outfits are in demand, and at Phulari, we have an amazing range of products just for you. All of them have a traditional touch of our heritage and are handcrafted delicately by skilled craftsmen and local artisans. They can be availed in attractive colors and designs. If you feel winter clothes have to be woollen, you are mistaken. It can also include any thick fabric. Above all, they define our personality which makes picking the right piece essential. So head to and pick your winter outfit. 


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