Twinning Fashion Trend – Matching Vibes, Matching Outfits !

Twinning Fashion Trend – Matching Vibes, Matching Outfits !

We live in a world where fashion trends change with the season – think of winter/summer/spring/fall collections. Often at times, these trends limit themselves to a particular gender, geography, time frame & lifestyle.

But there are a few trends that have managed to break these barriers. One such amazing fashion trend that has become popular these past few years is the “Twinning Trend”.

Celebrities from Hollywood to Bollywood, sports stars across the globe, royal families to apna neighborhood – everyone has given this trend a different angle.

So, what is this Twinning Trend all about?

Simply put, it means doing identical stuff. From a fashion point of view, when you match your clothes, hairstyles, accessories, makeup with your partner/s, that’s twinning.

Twinning - Then & Now

Growing up, the identical dressing was mostly seen in real-life twins or during cultural festivals when the participants would dress alike to set a theme. It was also something that the bridesmaids wore at a wedding. In professional life, matching t-shirts were for special days or outbounds.

But lately, the trend has gained momentum and how!

Matching Outfits – Why Is It So Popular?

Today, being popular means acceptance in the real world, and the ONLINE WORLD. Yes, if it is not on social media, is it even popular?

It has been observed that one of the main reasons why people share pictures on social media – is the inherent need for gratification – that too “instant gratification” and what better than a picture of friends dressed in matching outfits – it is sure to attract instant hits, likes & comments.

Is twinning just about matching clothes & accessories?

The answer is NO. The Identical dressing is a physical representation of an idea. The thought behind it is to convey a message of being “in-Sync” with your twinning partner. It gives a sense of identification with someone else.

When a particular aspect of your personality matches with someone & you are so kicked about it, that you decide to put it in front, represent it in some way. That leads to you finding ways to expressing your coordinated side. And Twinning is a wonderful way to express this idea.

So, it is safe to say Matching Vibes is important before you Match Clothes.

 Prominent Twinning Trends

  • Friends
  • Couples/Partners
  • Mom & Daughter
  • Father & Son
  • Siblings
  • Families

Twinning done right by Friends

If you belong to a generation like me who has grown up watching FRIENDS and are obsessed with it or if you are born in the era of the internet, there is no chance the iconic Friends Title Track has not once come on your social media feed while browsing. And what is the cast wearing while they are dancing unabashedly under the fountain in the title track?? Yes, you got it right – classic Black & White Twinning Formal Dresses.  

Well, friends are the family we choose and flaunting matching styles with your friends is a sweet way of showing off your special bond.

Alia Bhat twinning with her friend. 

Alia Bhat Twinning with her friend
                                    (Pic courtesy Alia Bhatt’s Instagram account)

Twinning by Couples/Partners

If there is one special occasion where this Twinning Trend wins hands down – it’s the weddings! Gone are the days when the bride and groom used to be dressed like Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus, totally out of sync.

But now, Brides & Grooms plan their D-Day attires much in advance – where a theme is followed. Be it the Haldi ceremony, where clothes in shades of yellow & orange are adorned by the couple & their families, or be it the Wedding Day itself – A Kurta/Sherwani & Lehenga/saree in matching colors is the trend.

Most leading designer labels have come up with a range of coordinated Couple Sets for the bride & groom.

To know more about the latest wedding trends & outfits, click on the link below.

Tip:- Check Phulari’s couple sets which are ethnic yet trendy, the fabric is light cotton - making them perfect for day-long functions. These yellow & orange colored ethnic couple sets are also a good choice for small pre-wedding festivities like the Haldi ceremony.

Handloom Cotton Couple Set   

(Click here to buy this Handloom Cotton Couple Set - Yellow Color )    

Handloom Cotton Couple Set 

  (Click here to buy this Handloom Cotton Couple Set in Festive Orange Color ) 

Mom & Daughter Twinning 

The mother & daughter bond transforms in many ways – emotional support, best friends, confidants & secret keepers, there is no limit to words that define this beautiful relationship. A daughter takes pride in being called her mother’s shadow. Mothers & Daughters wear their love for each other on their sleeves. And when they wear matching clothes – it becomes an emotionally charged moment.

Sara Ali Khan often twins with her mother Amrita Singh

Sara Ali Khan Twinning with her Mother Amrita Singh     
(Pic courtesy Sara Ali Khan’s Instagram account)

Aishwarya takes Mother-Daughter Twinning to Cannes

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Twinning with her daughter   
 (Pic courtesy Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Instagram account)

Take a look at how Dr. Bhagyashri Shinde, Marathi Actress & Instagram influencer , brought our Saree & Frock set and stylishly twinned with her daughter!

Handloom Cotton Saree       

For more style inspiration, you can follow Dr.Bhagyashri Shinde on Instagram. Her handle is dr_bhagyashri_shinde 

Handloom Cotton Frock


Father & Son matching clothes

Unlike “mothers & daughters” who are expressive about their feelings for each other, the Father & Son relationship is different. After a certain age, the open expression of their love takes a back seat. And they find different ways to express their strong connection. Twinning gives these “difficult- to- communicate” men a way of showing off their bond.

Saif  Ali Khan & Taimur Twinning in white kurta.

Saif & Taimur Twinning
(Pic courtesy Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Instagram account)


Sibling Twinning

Give it to the twins who are the OG flag bearer of this trend. They have inspired non-twin siblings to follow this trend of dressing alike. In fact, brothers & sisters dressing alike has become a trend, specially on Rakshabandhan.

Dr.Bhagyashri Shinde & her brother acing the twinning trend on Rakshabandhan.

Brother - Sister Matching Ethnic Wear  

(Click here to buy this Handloom Cotton Twinning Set ) 

 Family Twinning

It's all about loving your family! If there is one person who deserves the credit for popularizing the Family Twinning concept in India, it's Karan Johar. From Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum to Kalank, his movie posters have made an impact by showcasing entire cast in Matching Family Outfits . The trend sure makes family portraits look beautiful.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Poster


Kalank Movie Poster
(Pic Courtesy – Karan Johar's Instagram account)

Phulari's Family Set 

Family Matching Outfit   

(Click here to buy this Handloom Cotton Family Twinning Set )

Phulari's Family Twinning Sets are fully customizable, you get the option of selecting a pair as per your requirement.

  • Saree & Kurta (Couple Twinning)
  • Saree , Kurta & Frock (Family Twinning)
  • Saree & Frock (Mother - Daughter Twinning)
  • Kurta & small size Kurta for Kid(s) (Father - Son Twinning)

 Twinning Styling tips

A big reason why Twinning Trend continues to rule social media is that it gives a wide range of styling. You can experiment with these styles and give them your own personal touch.

A few tips to match your outfits and catch the trend...

    1. Match the color: A simple way to twin is to follow the color. Saree, Kurta, Skirt, Jeans, Tops – whatever may be your choice of outfits – just follow a color theme & you are ready for the #twinning trend.
    2. Match Prints: If following a similar color is not your thing, then select the different color but match the prints. Bandhni, Floral, Ajrakh, Kalamkari – there are a host of different fabric patterns available in Phulari to choose from.
    3. Match Fabric: Do you want to twin but also highlight your individual identity – in this case, go for matching fabric in different color & prints. Denims, cotton, silk – stick to a fabric theme and flaunt different prints.
    4. Full-On Match 'from head to toe'When you and your partner are totally in sync and want the world to know about your chemistry – go all out and twin from head to toe. Because if you have got it- why not flaunt it?

Check Phulari’s Bandhni Print Sarees in different colors. Its a great way to twin by matching the basic fabric print yet keeping the colors different.


Bandhni Saree
Bandhni Saree
Bandhni Saree


Indian Festivals & Twinning Ethnic Wear 

The Festive season in India gives us ample opportunity to popularize twinning in ethnic wear. While you can wear matching clothes in any & every festival – some festivals are just perfect occasion to follow this trend.

  • Rakshabandhan:- Twin with your brother/sister by opting to wear matching clothes on this special day.
  • Navratri :- Match steps to the tunes of Garba in matching outfits.
  • Karvachauth :- Opt for matching clothes on Karvachauth as a mark of love & respect for your husband/wife. 
So get ready to welcome the upcoming festive season in style. Shop from our collection of Couple & Family sets . Pick your favorite color & Happy Twinning!




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