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Before You Decide A Colour for your Outfit...

With Holi just around the corner, it’s natural to think about colours. This festival marks the end of winter and the onset of spring. The play of colours, time for meet & greets, the dance and cheer are what make it special.

While we’re talking about colours, we may as well take a deep-dive into the significance of them. Often we associate a certain colour with an occasion, festivity, or event. Yellow for a haldi function, green for hariyali teej, red for valentine’s day - while we associate colours to these special events, there is a lot more about colours we may not know. While we all scroll through various sites in search of outfit ideas for the occasion, color also plays an important role. Sporting a subtle or bright, or glittery outfit speaks about the person. Moreover, for certain types of celebrations, some colors are highly recommended. 

For the festival of Holi, mostly everybody dons white outfits. It signifies humanity by emitting peace-out vibes. It also makes the colors splashed on you stand out, thereby giving a classy look. But this Holi 2021, let us go unconventional in our get-up. Adorn yourself with various color palettes that reveal the person you are. Choosing the right colors is necessary. According to researchers, colors can affect mood, stress level and behaviour of a person. Before we dive into the meaning behind some of the commonly worn colors, let us have a look at a broader picture.

  • Dark colors- If you have business meetings to attend or a presentation to give or for a working setup, wearing dark-colored attire will be just perfect. It will help you portray yourself as intelligent, authoritative, and make those present look up to you. It will also give you a formal touch. Some of the dark colors you could ideally go in for include dark brown, navy blue, and black.

Kalamkari Saree

  •  Light colors- For a casual day out or any celebration, going in light-colored attires will make you appear friendly and approachable. Light pink, light green, pastels are some shades you could try. 

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  • Vivid colors- wearing attires in red, green, yellow brings out an energetic side. It also makes you confident. When hosting a function, for example, going for vivid and colorful outfits is apt.

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  • Muted colors- Some of us don't like being the centre of attention. Rather we prefer interacting with those gathered and portraying a very down-to-earth personality going in for muted colors is perfect. Colors like chrome brown, blue, brick red make it to the list. These outfits are ideal for a social gatherings or even a charity function.

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  • Contrasting colors- depending on the level of contrast worn, different messages are projected. For eg: wearing a combination of white and black creates a powerful image. 

I’m sure you all are curious to know the meaning behind the colors of the outfits you and others sport. To help you make the right choice and choose an appropriate color, here is a guide that tells what each stands for.

  • Black- it is a color loved by many people, especially the younger crowd. Black has become a trend for different celebrations and festivities. Wearing black attire signifies prestige, seriousness, power, and ambition. It also means that the person is emotional but won’t show it openly. 

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  • Blue- wearing blue outfits gives a very reliable and trustworthy vibe. It is associated with kindness, efficiency, and calmness.

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  • Red- is often seen as a color for attracting attention and holding an individual’s attention. It stands for passion, energy, bold, and even aggressive at times. 

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  • Green- a very nature-inspired color, green reveals creativity, soft-heartedness, and kindness. The pleasantness of the color lends a peaceful feel.

Bandhani Banarasi Saree

  • Yellow- is color-filled with life and happiness. It can lift the mood of people around you. People who don yellow outfits are seen as adventurous, active, and explorers.

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  • Orange- a color that can emit positive and negative vibes equally. An orange attire can speak of you being creative, vibrant, and enthusiastic. But can also have negative associations as warning signs, safety gears, and prison uniforms are often in this color.

Phulkari Jaal Saree

  • Purple- stands for sophistication, creativity, and luxury. A person sporting purple is often seen as sensitive and emotional. 

Kantha Saree

  • Pink- is a very feminine color that denotes maturity, soft-natured, romantic, and kind. 

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  • Brown- is a very earthy color. It signifies strength, stability, and reliability. A person wearing brown is also seen as a rational and conservative person.

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 Apart from this, there is another important factor to keep in mind. Any guesses? The occasion. Yes, depending on the occasion or event you are attending, choosing the appropriate colored outfit is necessary. Don't forget to keep in mind the venue, weather, and what others are most likely to wear. 

Dress by occasion

Traditional festivities, birthdays, small family functions, or even weddings are an integral part of our Indian culture. It is time where we go all out in planning our outfits. Deciding what colors to go in for can be a hassle. To help you make a decision, here are some shades you could try. For those with warm undertones, go in for grey, blue, and silver, while those with cool undertones can choose either from brown, gold, or dark green. When it comes to wedding celebrations or other occasions, yellow, red, blue, orange are the highly recommended colors. But over time, with trends emerging, pastel colors have been in highlight. The reason being is that they blend to create a delicate, charming, and pleasing color scheme sure to complement the celebration theme you are headed to.

Dress according to the weather

On a bright sunny day, when it is scorching, wear colors that absorb heat and make you feel cool. Colors like beige, white, cream, light grey, and pastels are an ideal recommendation.  These are choices for people who don’t want a very bright look but will give you a standout quality. If you love experimenting, you can also try light pink, yellow, red, orange, and cobalt blue.

When it comes to the cool breezy weather and temperature drop, the best way for styling will be going in for bright-colored items along with a neutral piece. This combo will give a pop to a gloomy day. Don’t forget to include vibrant accessories. A few recommendations on the color combo include grey-purple, red-beige, monochromatic colored, blue with green, and red with blue.

So readers, don’t forget to keep the meaning of colors and other factors in mind. Mix and match colors to create some sense of fun and glamor to your look. Go unconventional, think big and sport colors that speak about you. 

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