Collection: Sarees

Saree has always been a part and parcel of every women's life. It is deeply rooted in Indian culture and worn by women of all age groups. Women don the saree effortlessly and go about their daily tasks. Be it a casual meetup with your friends, wedding, traditional occasion, or festive event, sporting a saree is an ideal choice. There are enchanting and perfect to make a style statement.

Discover the wide range of our Saree Collection. These sarees are of different fabric- chiffon, cotton, silk, georgette, chinnon. Chiffon sarees for an elegant and lightweight feel, cotton for comfortable wear, silk for a smooth and soft touch, and georgette for a flowy feel.

The fabrics are beautifully crafted with either hand-embroidered, hand-painted, or hand block techniques. The designs are intricately woven by skilled craftsmen on different colored fabric. They include figures, motifs, geometrical patterns, floral, animals, birds, and applique work. Some of the sarees are a fusion i.e. a blend of hand-embroidered and hand-painted design done on the entire fabric to excellence.

There are various ways of draping a saree- nauari from Maharashtra, Seedha pallu from Gujarat, Mekhela chador from Assam, Kappulu from Andhra Pradesh, etc. Over time, we have seen people ditching the conventional style and moving to innovative ways which include Belt Style, Dhoti Style, Pant Style, Mermaid Style, and Lehenga Style among the many more.

It's time to add a hand-crafted Saree Collection to your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!