The Comfort of Handloom Cotton: Sustainable Sarees from Bengal

The Comfort of Handloom Cotton: Sustainable Sarees from Bengal

With the scorching heat setting in, why continue to wear your drab ethnic attire? Handcraft ethnic lovers, hit the refresh button and explore the iconic Bengal Handloom Sarees. They are intended for women who want to drape something that is comfortable, easy to carry, and trendy all at the same time. Bengal handloom sarees have come a long way, from the popular tant to khesh and jamdani. These sarees have earned a place in many people's hearts due to the superior quality of cotton threads and delicately woven fabric. Local artisans in Bengal have been trained in various weaving techniques, resulting in a plethora of handloom sarees. Many of these artisans live in West Bengal.

The Bengal Handloom Saree Story

The production of handloom sarees is popular in rural India. It is a type of traditional textile craft found in Bangladesh and India. A simple handloom saree takes about 3 days to complete, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the pattern and the availability of resources. These sarees are sometimes single pieces, and replicating them to perfection is not always possible. It is bound to have minor changes. Handloom sarees are popular in various parts of India. The most popular are made in West Bengal villages.

What distinguishes Bengal handloom sarees from the rest? The answer lies in the intricate craftsmanship and dedication required to weave these stunning pieces. The diverse colour palette ensures that you will find a saree that complements your personality and style. For casual gatherings, traditional festivities, formal events, or even celebrations, these sarees are sure to outperform any western attire. You can achieve a variety of alluring looks by experimenting with various trendy saree draping techniques and matching accessories.

Twigs, floral, fauna, mythology, paisley, temples, stripes, and butti are among the motifs handwoven or hand-embroidered on various coloured fabrics. The motifs vary according to the type of saree. Nature-inspired motifs such as flowers, paisley, twigs, and butti can be found in a Jamdani saree, whereas floral and paisley are common motifs in a Kantha saree.

Another advantage of owning handloom sarees is that they are easy to maintain and last a long time. Prevent withering by dry-cleaning or washing in cold water before storing them in your closet until the next time you wear them.

The Types Of Bengal Handloom Sarees

During the Mughuls' reign, Bengali sarees flourished. This hand-woven craft form originated in Bangladesh and spread to various villages in Bengal.

  • Jamdani Saree - a weave intended to enhance the appeal and look, this saree is essential in every woman’s closet. It consists of beautiful patterns created by using multi-colored threads on either cotton fabric. Jamdani sarees come in vivid and muted color palettes. Each has its charm and elegance. The work that goes behind making a single piece is meticulous, labor-intensive, and time-consuming, as rich motifs are woven using a discontinuous weft technique. Draping a Jamdani saree signifies a sense of cultural identity, dignity, and social togetherness. 

Pure Muslin Pallu Jamdani Handwork Saree - Violet

Jamdani muslin saree

Invest in this pure muslin pallu Jamdani saree and endorse your love for traditional weave forms of India. It has a dark blue base with woven leaves and twigs on the pallu, and a gold zari border. The body of saree has butti design.This saree will bring in royalty, elegance and sophistication to your appearance. It makes an ideal wear for formal functions.

Handloom Cotton Jamdani Woven saree - Mint Green

Handloom jamdani woven saree

Beat the scorching heat in style with this handloom cotton Jamdani saree. The mint green color gives this piece a very lively and fresh touch. The interplay of colors used in the weaving of geometrical patterns on the entire saree, makes it the perfect drape for small gatherings, traditional festivities and even celebrations.Create a mesmerizing look by trying different draping styles and accessorize with silver jewelry.

  • Tant Saree - budget-friendly and easy to carry, tant sarees are a popular pick. Investing in a handloom tant saree is highly recommended for saree lovers. It is an everyday light-weight saree with a bit of sheer. Common motifs on these types of sarees include geometrical patterns, flowers, birds, etc. A tant saree is starched, which gives it a slightly rough texture, but with repeated use, the softness increases. It comes in vivid colors that are eye-catching and simply stunning. 

Bangladeshi Tant Saree With Applique Work

Bangladeshi tant saree with Applique work

Comfortable and chic Bangladeshi tant saree with pretty butterfly and floral applique work machine embroidered on the entire fabric. Made on cotton, this beauty is apt for casual meetups and informal occasions. It comes in various colors.

Tant Cotton Saree- Blue

Tant cotton saree

This vibrant and eye-pleasing tant cotton saree will make a prized addition to your saree collection. It is simple yet meticulously woven with different colored threads. The lightness, comfort and graceful nature of this saree is sure to keep the limelight on you wherever you carry it.

  • Kantha Stitch Saree - an embroidery technique popular for making quilts, evolved to create fabulous sarees, dupattas, and stoles. Motifs crafted on the different pure and blended fabrics include animals, birds, flowers, human figurines, scenes from everyday life, and geometrical patterns. They are intricately stitched by the local artisans, to form enticing designs that at times have a story to tell. Kantha sarees are available at different prices depending on the fabric and complexity of the pattern. It is a very versatile multi-purpose saree. From casual meetings to formal events, small gatherings to traditional festivities or celebrations, styling a Kantha can create magic. 

Cotton Silk Kantha Saree- Maroon

Cotton silk Kantha saree

A saree for everyday wear or small gatherings, the cotton silk Kantha saree is popular among women. It has a beautiful maroon base with multicolored floral motifs kantha embroidered. 

There are more alluring colors and designs to explore in this range. 

Art Silk Kantha Saree- Purple

Art silk kantha saree

A beautiful Kantha embroidered art silk in purple to add to your look for grand celebrations. It has floral motifs intricately embroidered on the pallu with few scattered on the body too. Team it with a pair of traditional juttis, bindi and earrings to complete the traditional avatar.

  • Khesh Saree- is the epitome of sustainable fashion. The reason behind it is that old cotton sarees are ripped into rags and woven alongside new yarn. These sarees are of a single color with few narrow lines on the entire fabric. The thickness of khesh gives you a perfect drape without creasing. With time, the khesh saree has grown popular not only among women of all age groups.

Khesh Gujjari Printed Saree

Khesh gujjari saree

A beautiful blend of solid colored khesh and tribal print fabric, this Khesh gujjari saree is the most sorted everyday or casual wear. The saree is made by stitching the cloth of the color of your choice and the tribal print together. Its softness and easy to drape qualities, makes it a piece worth experimenting your draping style. 

The Interesting Fun Facts Of Bengal Handloom Sarees

  • Bengal Handloom Sarees are available at affordable rates, in different designs and colors.
  • The tant saree is 6 yards
  • The Jamdani is one of the most traditional weaving techniques that can be dated back to the Mughul era.
  • Bengal Handloom Sarees are a preferred choice during the summer season

Don't forget to invest in some exquisite Bengal handloom sarees this summer. It'll be an excellent addition to your existing ethnic collection. There are many different fabrics, weaving techniques, and patterns to choose from. Choose a saree that reflects your personality and drape it according to your comfort, event, and trend.

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