#stayhomedressmore Challenge

#stayhomedressmore Challenge

And it all started when we least expected…

One bright sunny morning, I woke up to a day, as usual, filled enthusiasm and smiles. Never did I imagine that the world could fall apart and come to standstill all of a sudden in a drastic manner. But yes, it happened with the COVID pandemic. This has led to numerous new changes and adjustments in our lives.

Staying indoors has become a new normal. People have restricted themselves from moving out. Going for a casual outing or festive celebrations has reduced abundantly. Work from home and video conference calls have become a routine. This has somewhere lowered our zeal and enthusiasm to dress. Why?

Let me share with you a small experience. A friend’s birthday was around the corner. We all friends being miles away wanted to create the same experience as we always do when together. After a few thoughts and discussions, we came to a conclusion. Guess what it was?

It's time to recreate, invent, and discover the joy of continuing the things we used to do, making a new cherishable memory. The planning for a virtual video call party began. Everyone was filled with positive energy, fervor, and keenness. The day was here, all of us styled in our most comfortable, fashionable attire. The meet was extraordinary, filled with joy, laughter, and warmth. It was a truly a heartwarming and unique feel.

Dress because there is always an opportunity. Be it a festival, anniversary, birthday, meeting, or a casual meetup, dress and celebrate the fascinating joy in dressing.

What is #stayhomedressmore

While the pandemic has forced us to make some tough decisions, it has forced us to stay indoors and overwhelmed us with the numerous tasks to take care of in our house, the one thing it cannot do is crush our spirits.

 #stayhomedressmore is an initiative taken to encourage and motivate everyone to dress while at home. Be it another day of work from home, office meeting, celebration, or a group video call with your gang, dress and see the difference. Elevate your mood while staying safe at home, balance comfort and beauty.

This initiative is to let the excitement of wearing your outfits not fade off. Recreating the zeal and optimism of styling different outfits as we believe dressing is an effective therapy for a mood upliftment.

We make it a point to dress-up in the most appealing and enchanting manner because we like people noticing or complimenting us for what we wore. We love showing off our new look and collections. Let’s break this thought of dressing to impress others as there is so much more than just impressing.

 Benefits of dressing

Dressing elevates our moods, lifts our spirits. It brightens your day, boosts confidence, and reveals your true personality. It helps to rejuvenate yourself. There is always a positive vibe and energy that is filled in the air when you dress-up.

Comfort Collection

We have come up with an alluring range of products known as Comfort Collection. This collection consists of diverse products- sarees, kurtas, suits, dupattas and pants. The beauty of each of them is that they are easy to carry, light and comfortable, making it ideal for a home setup. The products comprise of various hand-crafted art forms and colors.

Remember the days where you used to spend hours in front of the wardrobe or driving your loved ones crazy, because you couldn’t decide what to pick to wear for the occasion. Let’s relive and reminiscence the good old days in a new setup.

Here are some of our interesting and fresh outfits, styled for a home setup.

This Khesh Cotton Handloom Saree with Applique Boul Patch Work is smart, comfortable and easy to carry. It is bright, attractive and can elevate your day. Khesh (handloom spun cotton) is an extremely easy to maintain fabric as it doesn't need any starching or ironing.  Accessorise it with a pair of earrings for a holistic appearance. 

Beautiful Chinnon Phulkari Saree with jaal pallu and gold border, is ideal for a fresh look. this one is easy to drape but is lustrous, so a great pick for festive occassions. Teaming them with a jewelry set and bangles will complete the look. It's sure to put a smile on your face and those around you.

red banarasi dupatta ideas

A nice and bright dupatta could add glamour to a simple look. To make your home attire special, just add a classic banarasi or phulkari dupatta to your plain silk or chikankari kurta. You can never go wrong with this!


So, my lovely readers it’s your chance to get dressing. Pick up your #stayhomedressmore outfit and style to your comfort.

Calling for Participation.

  • Starting 1st September we invite you to participate in this endeavour
  • Click yourself
  • Post it, tag us, tag your friends
  • Select few will be featured on our social feeds and website
  • Participate in the challenge and get 20% cashback on any item you purchase. Don't forget to tag @phularicom

Come, join and support #stayhomedressmore.

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