Pashmina - The ancient grandeur weave of India

Pashmina Jama Kani Coat

With the onset of the winter season, it’s time to embrace warm woollen apparel. Pashmina, a fine wool from the chilly chimes of India is an exuberant wear when the temperature drop. It not only keeps you warm but is stylish and skin-friendly, thereby creating a lasting impression. It also has always been the desire of women for its a symbol of luxury and elegance. This extraordinary artistry has been passed from generation to generation.

Pashmina comes from the Persian word Pashm which means wool, whereas, in Kashmir, it is referred to as raw unspun wool. It is a fine variant of spun cashmere from domesticated Changpa goats.

It’s time to go back and learn more about this unbelievable alluring craft form that has captured the hearts of people throughout the globe.

About Pashmina

Pashmina is a type of wool from a particular breed of goat that is found at the higher altitudes of the Himalayan region (13000 feet of sea level). The fur of these goats are collected by combing, unlike the technique of shearing, which is used for other animals to collect the fine wool. The goats grow a thin inner coat of hair that helps them cope with the extremely harsh winter season. This inner coat of hair is used to produce pashmina. This coat of hair is sheded by them during the spring. It is durable and comforting to the human skin during the temperature drop. (source: Prem Singh Jina (1996). Ladakh: The Land and the People. Indus Publishing. p. 258. ISBN 978-81-7387-057-6. Retrieved 5 August 2012.)

Phulari’s winter warmer collection

To help keep warm during this cold weather, Phulari has come up with a winter warmer collection that consists of products just perfect for this season. Apart from bringing in the warmth required, these products accentuate your overall personality. All you got to do is pick the right product, and you are sure to stun everyone wherever you go. 

For those who love a blend of lightness and warmth, the collection consists of stoles, coats, shawls, and salwar suit fabrics, all made from the exquisite Pashmina wool. Each product has its charm and elegance, making them a must-have winter accessory in your wardrobe. 

For the longevity of Pashmina products, dry-cleaning is suggested. They can also be washed in cold water. Air it out on a flat surface to dry. A warm iron is fine, but we recommend putting another piece of fabric between the iron and Pashmina product. Most importantly, keep your Pashmina in a place that is free from insects and moisture.

Here are our top picks that are a must-have:

  • Pashmina Jama Kani Coat

This winter, add the legendary Pashmina Jama Kani coat to your apparel collection. This coat is woven with the timeless Kani weave on the brick-red base. It can be paired with various outfits like a legging, palazzo, lehenga skirt, jeans, and even a dress for a fresh and unique appearance. Don this pashmina and receive compliments and stares like never before.

Pashmina Jama Kani Coat

  • Pashmina fine wool reversible stole with shimmer

 A mix and match of black and gold, this Pashmina stole is a perfect pick for any occasion during the winter season. It is elegant and will go well with both ethnic or western outfits. This stole brings in all the warmth required to beat the cold, along with comfort and style.

Pashmina fine wool reversible stole

  • Pure Pashimna woollen stole with sequins

Representing the color of love, this red Pashmina stole is sure to add to your charm and personality. It has golden sequins leaves at the bottom, accentuating the overall look of this winter beauty. Look stunning and enjoy the comfort this Pashmina has to offer.

Pure Pashimna woollen stole

  • Pashmina wool digital printed stole

This winter warmer has an assortment of motifs digitally printed on the entire pashmina fabric. It is multicolored, bringing in the liveliness to a dull winter day. This stole is the best accessory you can add to your wardrobe for the flexibility it brings in allowing you to carry it with various solid colored attires.

Pashmina wool digital printed stole

  • Pashmina salwar suit fabric

This woven salwar suit with multicolored weaving has a very elegant look. The beautiful motifs are woven with different colored threads on the entire pashmina fabric, resulting in this luxurious and comfortable suit. It is an ideal winter wear for festivities and events.

Pashmina salwar suit fabric

  • Pashmina embroidered coat

This peacock blue Pashima coat is elegant, stylish, and classy. Just sporting it with any ethnic outfit or even a pair of jeans is sure to set apart your style from the rest. It is soft, comfortable, and warm, and beautiful handwoven art to wear on festive occasions and celebrations.

 Pashmina embroidered coat

 Pashmina apparels were and will always be a royal and luxury clothing. They are an essential part of winter clothing for women. The reason lies in the texture, longevity, and glam of this age-old heritage of ours. During the winter, these pashmina accessories become a go-to for creating a fashion statement for the warmth and softness it offers. We highly recommend you to invest in a pashmina accessory for it is a evergreen fabric that will never loose its charm.

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