Tackling the Pandemic

Dear customers,

The world has been hit hard with the onset of COVID-19, and we've lived through one of the worst nightmares one could imagine. On a brighter side, we've become stronger, more alert and more resilient. Communities around the world are coming together to help each other and fight this crisis together.

Post pandemic world is going to loom different. Although nature seems to be healing due to lower pollution levels, children are missing their friends, and businesses have taken severe hits. 

We're limited in staff capacity to get you the best product pictures and answer each of your queries. However, our partners are creating the best merchandise for you and trying to deliver your orders promptly.

What Has Changed At Phulari:

1. Deliveries may take up to 15 days (our standard 2-5 days delivery may not be possible). We're shipping through available courier partners and in case your location becomes a restricted zone your delivery will be attempted as soon as service in your area resumes. Rest assured your order will reach you and for any updates feel free to contact us.


2. Returns are permitted only for defective goods (damaged, missing items). We wish to curtail the contact between people and hence have taken the measure. Kindly make sure you check with us on any queries and concerns. 


3. We're taking pre-orders for items that may not be available if you're happy to wait a little longer. Please contact us for any order modifications or customisations.


4. Since our craftsmen have limited means, the photography may not be top-notch and some variances in colours and textures due to phone and screen settings may be there. Kindly bear with us and ask us if you need any clarifications on the products listed on the site.


5. We understand these are tough times and we're passing on any monetary benefits to our suppliers who are operating on limited capacity. Please appreciate their efforts and do leave us a review on our social channels. Like always, if you have a limited budget, we're happy to help you with the best products at the best costs. Just reach out to us.


Let's pray for a better world, and better future for all of us.


Good Health & Happy Shopping!