Our Story

A little girl's story begins.... 

Age 10 - I was happy to get a new dress every year on my birthday.

Age 15 - I would get excited to visit the shopping market and get a dress for a wedding or festival.

Age 20 - I would visit the malls for some window shopping and get a dress every month when I got paid. The best styles were always outside my modest budget!

Age 25 - I would order something online every week, then go to the store to return or exchange it, and buy some more variety. Then bump into a friend who would be wearing the same top. Awkward!

Age 30 - Browsing through websites, watching social media for fashion trends, visiting the flea markets and malls when I got a chance. Yet, I struggle to find the products that stand out, often I see the same thing in 25 stores, feeling I may be over paying, or over buying!

Phulari is born...

At Phulari (meaning ‘floral’) we pick the best products from around the world, manufactured by traditional handcraftsmen and village artisans. The designs and skill still preserve ancient culture and heritage of some tribes and communities. Trying to bring them all under one roof, at the best possible prices. Not to forget the attempt is to provide personalised and prompt service to ensure our customers will feel special shopping with us. 

Sometimes, feeling special only requires being different. Sometimes, feeling special is only a matter of striking a chord, associating with something or someone. We believe this special feeling is something Phulari can offer. Beyond the mass-market Brands, and catalogue world, here are products that will find a worthy place in your home and make you feel special. Happy Shopping!!