Bandhani (Bandhej) from Gujarat

Gujarat is a major textile hub of India. Many tye & dye techniques and craft forms originated in this region. Bandhani or Bandhej is one of the most popular art work that is a staple to Kutch region. Many regional artists work of creating beautiful products from sarees to turbans to bags in bandhani. 

We've curated a wide range of Bandhani products, often creating amazing ensembles by combining it with traditional Gujarati embroideries like Khatli work or natural Ajrakh Hand prints. 

The work that goes behind the beautifully finished Bandhani products is a highly skilled process. It begins with the artisans tieing the fabric very tightly at different points with threads to form various patterns. Once this step is finished, the fabric is dyed in colors. The beauty in this art form is that when the fabric goes for dyeing, the tied knots do not catch color. It remains the same color as the fabric. After the completion of dyeing the fabric, it is aired out for drying in the open. 

Depending on the way the fabric is tied, different patterns are formed. 

  • Ekdali or Bundi: a single Bandhani dit
  • Boond: small dots with darker centers
  • Kodi: tear-shaped drop
  • Trikunit; patterns or circles in a cluster of three
  • Dungar Shahi: mountain pattern
  • Leheriya: waves

Elaborate motifs of flowers, leaves, animals, trees, and human figures are made by repeating Bandhani dots and patterns.

For best results and longevity, it is advisable to dry clean Bandhani products and, if required, iron on a low heat setting. Keep in mind that washing or ironing on high heat is strictly prohibited as there are high chances of the apparel being ruined. 

Explore our range of Bandhani / Bandhej products using the collection below:

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